Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama: Restoration Comedy: Fops, Punks, Rakes & Wives

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Quarter: Fall 2013
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"Restoration Comedy: Fops, Punks, Rakes, & Wives"
After executing the king in 1649, England's Puritan government shut down London's public theaters. When the monarchy was restored in 1660, the theaters were restored as well, with big changes in the playhouses, the plays, the theater personnel, and the audiences. King and courtiers were enthusiastic patrons of the theater, especially its comedies, which drew on traditional characters including fops and fallen women, cuckolds and witty couples, curious virgins and male and female rakes. In this class, we will read, discuss, and write about five Restoration comedies and their contexts, along with current scholarship on them. Our ambitious final project will be to recreate the atmosphere of a Restoration performance.

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