Old English: History and Poetry in Anglo-Saxon England

Course Number: ENGL 205C
Prerequisites: Graduate Standing, English 205A
Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 205C
Quarter: Spring 2011
Instructor: Blurton, Heather
Day(s): T
Time: 5:00 PM - 7:50 PM
Location: SH 2617

May be repeated with consent of department chair.
Topics on Old English English literature.
This seminar will investigate the relationship between history and poetry in the literary culture of Anglo-Saxon England from representations of Roman Britain through the engagement of Old English literary culture with that of Anglo-Norman and early Middle English in the 12th century. We will consider such topics as Romans and ruins, kingdom and nation, women?s patronage of poetry and of politics, and the ethics and aesthetics of nostalgia.
Taught concurrently with ENGL 110C.