Introduction to African-American Literature (Part II)

Course Number: ENGL 38B
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Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 38B
Quarter: Summer B 2013
Instructor: Blake, Felice
Day(s): MTWR
Time: 9:30 AM - 10:55 AM
Location: BSIF 1217

This course is applicable to the English major's American Cultures in Global Contexts specialization.

This course is designed to engage students critically with African American texts that emerge from and define the contemporary era. The course focuses on the so-called ‘Post Civil Rights era’, roughly from 1968 to the present. We will evaluate periods and genres such as the Black Arts Movement, neoslave narrative, Black feminist literature, and ‘post soul’ aesthetics as contemporary refractions of or departures from African American literary traditions. The development of African American literary forms is also influenced by counterrevolution to Civil Rights and Black Power struggles, the rise of the prison industrial complex, discourses of black cultural pathology, the shrinking welfare state, fractures to the concept of racial community, the growing Black middle class, and the pervasive representation of blackness in popular and visual cultures for examples.  Hence, a driving aspect of the course will be our attention to the political, social, and cultural forces that shape modern Black subjectivity and related approaches to literature.

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