Media and Information Culture : Micro / Macro / Reading

Course Number: ENGL 149
Prerequisites: Check on GOLD
General Education Areas Fulfilled: Check on GOLD
Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 149
Quarter: Winter 2013
Instructor: Douglass, Jeremy
Day(s): TR
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Location: SH 2635

This course examines acts of reading at different distances and scales, from the very small to the very large. How do we confront difficult and even seemingly impossible-to-read objects and make sense of them?

The class will engage the layered feature film such as United 93, interpret the multiply-revised art book "A Humument," and even "read" a quarter-century of public television by collectively mapping the complete archive of "The Simpsons." Students will learn basic data mining and information visualization skills as part of this process.

From critical theory to interactive social media art pieces, this course will explore how we read at different scales, and what it means to do so.