Topics in Literature: The Postcolonial Metropole – Minority Literatures in London, Paris, New York

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Quarter: Winter 2014
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Time: 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Location: GIRV 1115

*This course observes the history of migration to former centers of empire ("metropoles"), and how minority, exilic and diasporic communities have contributed to remaking the cities which exercised colonial power during the periods of their empire. We examine works which represent how a minority presence disrupts official discourses and opens enclaves in London, for example, or originates cultural practices in Paris and the trendy U.S.* *We will work with a variety of media by writers and producers with origins in the Maghreb or Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, Ireland, South Asia and elsewhere, including fiction, film, digital works and music. This course develops an understanding of the economy of collective world-making as a potentially democratic political action, the cultural imaginary as formed and released or “unsubjugated” from below. The struggles among vernacular communities to remain unassimilated, impure, hybrid and popular push toward social change by providing new sets of intellectual landmarks and cultural practices. Finally, by locating healing qualities in how the mind works with aesthetic form and pattern as an apparatus of personal integration, satisfaction and defense, we study how these works appear to respond with unexpected altruism to their mass communities' crises of conflict, risk and economic transformation.

*Materials may include **Drown* by Junot Diaz, *Banlieue 13* (2004, dir. Pierre Morel), *Voyage in the Dark * by Jean Rhys, *Monsoon Wedding*  (2001, dir. Mira Nair); *Hunger *(2008, dir. Steve McQueen), *Never Let Me Go *by Kazuo Ishigura,*NW *by Zadie Smith,*Shalimar the Clown *by Salman Rushdie

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