Winter 2020

Monday, January 6, 2020 to Friday, March 20, 2020
Course Number Title Instructor
ENGL 10 Introduction to Literary Study Donnelly, Brian
ENGL 11 Literature and its Uses: How to Solve Problems with Books Droge, Abigail
ENGL 18 Public Speaking Enders, Jody
ENGL 23 The Climate Crisis: What It Is and What Each of Us Can Do About It Hiltner, Ken
ENGL 50 Introduction to U.S. Minority Literature Blake, Felice
ENGL 101 English Literature from the Medieval Period to 1650 Blurton, Heather
ENGL 101S Seminar English Literature Blurton, Heather
ENGL 102 English and American Literature from 1650-1789 Cook, Elizabeth Heckendorn
ENGL 102S Seminar English & American Literature Cook, Elizabeth Heckendorn
ENGL 103A American Literature from 1789-1900 DeLombard, Jeannine Marie
ENGL 104B British Literature from 1900 to Present Boscagli, Maurizia
ENGL 104BS Seminar British Literature Boscagli, Maurizia
ENGL 105B Shakespeare, Later Plays Rose, Mark
ENGL 105BS Seminar Shakespeare Rose, Mark
ENGL 106CW Catalyst Writing Collective Donnelly, Brian
ENGL 109 "Writing for Performance" Memory and Story Batiste, Stephanie
ENGL 122CC The Rhetoric of Climate Change Hiltner, Ken
ENGL 122EE British Comedy and the End of Empire Salton-Cox, Glyn
ENGL 122FC Cli-Fi: Fictions of Climate Crisis Wicke, Jennifer
ENGL 122FE Fantasy and Ecology Shewry, Teresa
ENGL 128GN Graphic Novel and Trauma Samolsky, Russell
ENGL 128ML The Global Renaissance on the English Stage Andrea, Bernadette
ENGL 128MM Native American and Indigenous Women, Queer, Trans, and Two-Spirit Memoir Salomon, Amrah
ENGL 132EP The Shorter Fiction of Henry James Maslan, Mark
ENGL 134NA The Body As Archive: Indigeneity, felt theory, and decolonial ways of knowing (Co-taught by Dr. Salomón J) Waid, Candace
ENGL 146SI Simulation and Simulacra Raley, Rita
ENGL 152B Troilus and Criseyde and the Minor Poems Reeve, Daniel
ENGL 165EM Pre-Modern Post-Human (Co-taught by Bernadette Andrea) Paiella, Giorgina Samira
ENGL 165EM Pre-Modern Post-Human (Co-taught by Giorgina Paiella) Andrea, Bernadette
ENGL 165LP Literature Of the Pacific Shewry, Teresa
ENGL 170DA Disability Aesthetics Miller, Jesse
ENGL 170MT The Meaning of Life Young, Kay
ENGL 171 Literature and the Human Mind Park, Sowon S
ENGL 185 European Modernism Park, Sowon S
ENGL 191 Literature and Culture of the Harlem Renaissance Era: Modernism, Transnationalism, and Performance Batiste, Stephanie
ENGL 197 Attachment and the Novel Young, Kay
ENGL 197 Bad Sex: Censorship, Deviance, and Failure Salton-Cox, Glyn
ENGL 197 English Majoring After College Newfield, Christopher
ENGL 197 JM Coetzee: Ethics and the Other Samolsky, Russell
ENGL 197 The Poetics and Politics of Waste Boscagli, Maurizia
ENGL 235 Race and the New Formalism Rana, Swati
ENGL 235 Whitman and Dickinson Maslan, Mark
ENGL 236 Literature and Attachment Theory Young, Kay
ENGL 238 Media Theory and/for the Crises of the Present Raley, Rita
ENGL 265TC CRITICAL INQUIRIES: Marxist, Post-Marxist, Postcolonial & Decolonial Dialogues in Comparative Contexts Olguín, Ben
ENGL 591 Doctoral Colloquium Duffy, Enda