Critical Pedagogy Initiative Winter Meeting


Wednesday, January 11, 2017


3:30 pm


SH 2635
Please join us this Wednesday, Jan. 11th, at 3:30 p.m. in SH 2635 for the winter meeting of the Critical Pedagogy Initiative, which will focus on the question "What is the purpose of the English major?"  We hope to begin the discussion with these questions:
What do you expect students to know when they enter your classes?
What do you hope students know when they finish your courses?
How does this differ when teaching majors, non-majors, or both?  
As you know, the Critical Pedagogy Initiative seeks to bring together graduate students and professors to articulate the department's shared pedagogical values. These conversations should both guide graduate students as they teach diverse courses and influence professors as they shape the curriculum. This year-long discussion series will host three meetings with a broadening scope, moving from classroom to departmental and institutional philosophy. Each meeting will consist of a focused discussion facilitated by Rachael King, Corinne Bancroft, and Nicole Dib. The meetings are also co-hosted by the Undergraduate and Graduate Committees.