The English Broadside Ballad Archive (EBBA) is a groundbreaking digital humanities initiative associated with the EMC. EBBA digitizes, transcribes, and catalogues the images from extant early modern ballad collections in order to improve scholarly and public access. To date, EBBA has received four National Endowment for the Humanities grants and has transcribed more than seventy-five percent of surviving seventeenth-century ballads.

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RoSE, or Research-oriented Social Environment, is an online exploration environment for humanities students and researchers modeled as a dynamic “social network” of authors and works, past or present. It presents bibliographical information on the human record as an interconnected network of evolving relationships between, for example, an author’s influences, friends, and collaborators; or an author’s or intellectual movement’s works in their interconnections. RoSE allows users to add items to the network, visualize the results, make collections of resources, and createstoryboards to organize their findings into meaningful arguments or narratives. In essence, RoSE is a discovery tool. When beginning to do research or thinking on an author, work, or movement, users can explore RoSE to see what the interesting clusters and pathways of relationship are that might suggest interpretations and theses.

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Scanner Praxis

Scanner Praxis is a project to engage digital humanities scanning and digitization through building a low cost book scanner from parts, considering the hardware, software, and uses of such devices in DH projects, and investigating the cultural context of scanning in everything from classroom pedagogy to large scale cultural production. How does the logic of scanning shape what Amazon, Google Books, Project Gutenberg or the Internet Archive are producing? What can and can't scanning do, and how can we use scanning to think differently? Participants in the series have learned how to build their own custom book scanners out of inexpensive materials such as lumber.

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