Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program 2017-18

The Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program is part of an initiative to help foster undergraduate research within the English Department. The program was made possible by a generous donation from John and Jody Arnhold. John Arnhold received his B.A. in English from UCSB in 1975; in a letter describing the terms of his gift to the school, he wrote that he is “particularly interested in ensuring [his] support enhances teaching and integrating the undergraduate teaching and research experience.” With this vision in mind, the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program is designed to aid and encourage English majors who want to conduct research beyond the level of ordinary course assignments.

The two-year program provides the opportunity for qualified English majors to receive extra guidance and assistance as they pursue their research goals. The Fellows will benefit from one-on-one research mentoring from the Arnhold Graduate Fellow; special workshops and panels designed to address questions about research, graduate school, careers after school, etc.; and the opportunity to present their research professionally, both by participating in an end-of-year Research Showcase, and by having their work published in Emergence, the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program online journal. Second-year fellows will have the opportunity to act as reviewers, editors or research assistants for Emergence and as mentors for first-year Arnhold Fellows.

Successful performance in the program leads to graduating with the designation of “Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellow” (for one year’s participation) and “Arnhold Undergraduate Research Mentor” (for the second year’s participation). This program is especially recommended for students who plan to apply to professional school or to graduate school in the humanities. 

For more information on the program and to keep informed of our activities, visit the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program site.

English majors who have completed the sophomore year with a minimum GPA of 3.5 (overall and in the major) may apply for admission to the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program. Students should apply to the program in the fall of their junior year. In special cases, students may apply in the fall of their senior year and participate only in the program’s first-year track. The application includes:

  • An application form available from the English Department Office or online.
  • A brief statement of interest indicating why you are applying for the Arnhold Program (0.5 - 1 page).
  • A writing sample (no more than 10 pages); it is recommended that you submit work originally written for an English course.

In order to satisfy the requirements of the Arnhold Undergraduate Fellows Program, students must fulfill the following terms:

First Year Requirements:

  • Attend at least three Arnhold workshops or panels in each of the Winter and Spring quarters.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher in English (in the overall major and the upper division).
  • Participate in the Arnhold Research Showcase, which takes place at the end of the Spring quarter. Each student must prepare a poster illustrating their research, and informally present their research and conclusions during the duration of the event.
  • Juniors are encourage (though not required) to submit a research article to be published in the online journal. 

Completion of these requirements will result in the student receiving the designation of “Arnhold Undergrad Research Fellow.”
Second Year Requirements:

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher in English (in the overall major and the upper division).
  • Create a final portfolio, which might include some of the following, depending on each fellow’s professional goals: a research paper, a digital humanities project, a creative writing project, a podcast, a video.
  • Some or all of these elements should be submitted to Emergence.
  • Assist with editing and producing the online journal, Emergence, released in the Fall of each year, or the department’s literary magazine, The Catalyst.
  • Participate in writing workshops with fellow second years, working towards final portfolio projects
  • Attend 2 (of 3) workshops or colloquia each quarter; second-year workshops are geared towards professionalization, preparing fellows for graduate school and careers in the creative professions.
  • Seniors are invited (but not required) to participate in the Arnhold Research Showcase at the end of the year

Completion of these requirements will earn the student the additional designation of “Arnhold Undergraduate Research Associate.” 

All Arnhold Fellows are also encouraged (although not required) to attend functions hosted by the Department's centers and specializations.

Applications for the Program must be submitted in hard copy to the English Undergraduate Advisor's office. Please contact the Undergraduate Advisor for information concerning due dates. The Graduate Fellow will notify applicants of their acceptance after the Arnhold Committee has reviewed their applications. The review process should take no more than two weeks.

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