Department Administration

The English department is governed by a chair assisted by a number of standing committees and department officers. Each committee seats graduate student representatives elected annually by the graduate student body.

Department Committees 2020-21

Department Chair
Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook

Administrative Committee
Felice Blake
Julie Carlson
Bishnu Ghosh, Spring
Alan Liu
Ben Olguín, Fall, Winter
Andrew Griffin, ex officio
Candace Waid, ex officio

Vice Chair
Jim Kearney

Department Diversity Representative
Julie Carlson

Undergraduate Committee
Candace Waid, Chair
Stephanie Batiste
Brian Donnelly
Ken Hiltner
Daniel Reeve
Russell Samolsky
Kay Young
Graduate Representatives: Somak Mukherjee, Anita Raychawdhuri

Graduate Committee
Andrew Griffin, Chair
Bernadette Andrea
Maurizia Boscagli
Ben Olguín
Sowon Park
Rita Raley
Swati Rana
Glyn Salton-Cox
Diversity Advocate: Andrew Griffin

Graduate Representatives: Rebecca Baker, Leila Stegemoeller

Jobs Placement Committee
Melody Jue
Tess Shewry

EAP Representative
Mauriia Boscagli (Tess Shewry, Fall)

Faculty Legislature Representative
Paddy Fumerton
Jeannine DeLombard
Daniel Reeve

Lead TA Advisor
Bernadette Andrea
TA advisors: Jeremy Douglass, Enda Duffy, Tess Shewry, Russell Samolsky

Library Representative
Mark Maslan

Technology, Social Media, Remote Instruction
Alan Liu
Rita Raley
Jeremy Douglass

Departmental Working Groups and ad-hoc Committees

Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature Search
Yunte Huang, Chair
E. Cook
Ben Olguin
Swati Rana
[with Hangping Xu, EALCS]
Graduate Student Representative: Maile Young

Center Cooperation
Enda Duffy
Rita Raley
Rachael King

Creative Writing
Cherrie Moraga, Chair
Stephanie Batiste
Swati Rana

Curriculum Committee
Jim Kearney, Chair
Stephanie Batiste
Jeremy Douglass
Melody Jue
Dan Reeve
Tess Shewry

PPF Hires Committee
Stephanie Batiste
Felice Blake
Julie Carlson
Ben Olguin
Candace Waid

Website Initiative
Jeremy Douglass
Melody Jue
Daniel Reeve

Council of Graduate Students (CoGS) Co-Chairs
Surojit Kayal
Maile Young

Co-Lead Teaching Assistants
Jamiee Cook
Anita Raychawdhuri


English Department Centers & Initiatives

2020-21 Directors and RAs


American Cultures and Global Contexts Center
Director Swati Rana
RA Maria Sintura

Center for Modern Literature, Materialism, and Aesthetics
Director Maurizia Boscagli
RA Somak Mukherjee

Early Modern Center
Director Bernadette Andrea
RA Anita Raychawdhuri

Hemispheric South/s
Director Stephanie Batiste
RA Erick Rodriguez

Las Maestras Center
Co-Directors Cherrie Moraga and Celia Herrera Rodríguez

Literature and the Environment
Director Melody Jue
RA Rebecca Baker

Literature and the Mind
Director Julie Carlson
RA Maddie Roepe, Aili Pettersson Peeker

Medieval Literatures
Director Daniel Reeve
RA Jessica Zisa

Transcriptions Center
Director Alan Liu
RA Teddy Roland

The Catalyst
Director Brian Donnelly
RA Sage Gerson

Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellow
Leah Norris