Spring 2021

Monday, March 29, 2021 to Friday, June 4, 2021
Course Number Title Instructor
ENGL 10 Intro to Literary Studies Donnelly, Brian
ENGL 25 Literature and the Information Liu, Alan
ENGL 25S Seminar on Literature and the Culture of Information Liu, Alan
ENGL 34NA Animacy and the Speaking Earth: The Power of Native Story
ENGL 50 Introduction to U.S. Minority Literature Rana, Swati
ENGL 65FM Vampires, Monsters, Madness: Fables of Modernity Wicke, Jennifer
ENGL 103B British Literature from 1789 to 1900 Gilmore, Timothy
ENGL 104A American Literature from 1900 to Present Huang, Yunte
ENGL 104AS Seminar on American Literature from 1900 to Present Huang, Yunte
ENGL 105A Shakespeare, Poems and Earlier Plays
ENGL 106CW The Catalyst Donnelly, Brian
ENGL 122FE Fantasy and Ecology Shewry, Teresa
ENGL 122RS Cultural Representations Salton-Cox, Glyn
ENGL 122UM Urban Modernity Salton-Cox, Glyn
ENGL 128AF Animal Fictions Samolsky, Russell
ENGL 147GM Global Media Ghosh, Bishnupriya
ENGL 150 Irish Literature Duffy, Enda
ENGL 150S Irish Literature Seminar Duffy, Enda
ENGL 151JA Reading Jane Austen's Mind Young, Kay
ENGL 165AE Graphic Novel: Animals and Ecology Samolsky, Russell
ENGL 170MB Mind Brain and Literature Park, Sowon S
ENGL 170MT The Meaning of Life Young, Kay
ENGL 183WP Writing for Performance Batiste, Stephanie
ENGL 189 Contemporary Literature Raley, Rita
ENGL 192 Science Fiction
ENGL 197 *TENTATIVE* The History and Practice of Printing
ENGL 197 Bad Sex Salton-Cox, Glyn
ENGL 197 Upper-Division Senior Seminar Raley, Rita
ENGL 197 Virginia Woolf Park, Sowon S
ENGL 198H Honors English Senior Thesis Preparation Waid, Candace
ENGL 234 Utopia and Ecology Shewry, Teresa
ENGL 235 19th-20th century African American Literature, Culture, and Criticism Batiste, Stephanie
ENGL 235 Avant-Garde Poetics Huang, Yunte
ENGL 236 *TENTATIVE* The History and Practice of Printing
ENGL 265IS Indigenous as Scribe - A Decolonial Promise Moraga, Cherríe
ENGL 297 Virginia Woolf (hybrid course with S. Park ENGL 197) Park, Sowon S