Bernard Stiegler Lecture: "What is 'Modern Technics'?"


Monday, October 10, 2016


4:00 pm


Mosher Alumni House
Ecology is, to speak with Martin Heidegger, our epoch’s “task of thinking.” Heidegger himself was not able to assume this task because ecology is above all a relational form of thinking and thus can only be understood on the basis of cybernetics and its critique. This lecture will question the “historical” sense of cybernetics from the perspective of the theory of entropy. Taking cues from the work of Erich Hörl, Bernard Stiegler will propose a general ecology capable of assuming the task of thinking on the basis of a techno-logical perspective in which cybernetics, rather than being confined to ‘modern technics,’ allows for a new conceptual framework.
Bernard Stiegler is the founder and director of the Institut de recherche et d’innovation (IRI) at the Centre Georges-Pompidou in Paris, France, and the author of, among many others books, La société automatique (2015), and États de choc: Bêtise et savoir au XXIe siècle (2012).