Graduate Student Researcher Appointments (GSR) and Research Assistantships (RA)

Faculty members holding extramural grants may be in a position to hire a GSR with payment of fees, health insurance and a salary. Funding parameters of the GSR position are determined by the grant. This is not a teaching position and thus is not covered by the union contract.

Graduate students also have the opportunity to work as research assistants for some of the Department’s research centers and initiatives. For the ACGCC, the EMC, and the Transcriptions Center, this entails a year-long research assistantship, which is a 50% appointment and offers the same salary and benefits as a TAship. Center RAs hold open office hours in the center and work with the center’s faculty director to plan events and projects. Center RAs also work with the center's faculty director in co-teaching that year’s center course. RAships are also available for the department’s other centers and initiatives, although these are not 50% appointments and do not offer benefits.

Graduate Student Assistant Positions

Faculty members may hire students to work on research grants on an hourly basis. These positions do not include payment of fees or health insurance. In addition, the Department may have hourly wage positions for various graduate program projects.

Employment in other Departments

TAships and Associateships are often available in other departments, during the year and during the summer (e.g. Writing Program, Comparative Literature, Asian American Studies, Feminist Studies). A wide array of other jobs are also available on campus.