Graduate Program Admissions

The UCSB Department of English seeks highly qualified, research-focused graduate students with a commitment to an atmosphere of working collaboratively with faculty-led teams on cutting edge projects. In the National Research Council’s (2010) rankings of similar programs across the country, our graduate program has moved up dramatically. 

The graduate faculty includes nationally prominent scholars working at the forefront of current literary studies in a professionally oriented research department. A recent national study places the University of California with its nine campuses in a class apart from all other public universities in the United States for quality of research; the same study, ranking the scholarly productivity of faculty in the humanities at all public research institutions, places UCSB second only to Berkeley nationwide.  

Admission into the graduate program is based on past academic record, intellectual promise and programmatic fit. Students entering the program have typically completed an English BA or the equivalent in a related field. Students who do not already have a master’s degree should apply to the MA/PhD program; those with an MA degree should apply directly to the PhD program. The department accepts students only for the PhD or the MA/PhD. It does not offer a terminal MA degree.