English Major Specializations

The English Department Faculty includes prominent scholars at the forefront of current literary studies, scholars who are interested in introducing students to significant trends in contemporary research. The department offers traditional courses covering a range of historical periods and a variety of national and global literatures written in English.  The English Department also offers a series of specializations in fields like Literature and the Mind and Literature and Environment.  A specialization consists of a minimum of four English department courses addressing a specific area of study.  Students can learn how the digital humanities have transformed the literary landscape in the Literature & Culture of Information Specialization; or how the past informs the present in the Medieval or Early Modern specializations.  Some of these specializations are connected with nationally-recognized research centers, which means that students can work on American literatures at the American Cultures & Global Contexts center; or on Renaissance texts in the Early Modern Center.  They can work with leading scholars at the Transcriptions center or the Center on Modernism, Materialism, and Aesthetics.  A full list of specializations is below.

The fundamental idea informing the Specializations is that students should be empowered to explore particular areas of interest through a disciplined itinerary of courses.  In addition, particular specializations often work to create a collaborative community of research by offering certain extra-curricular events—e.g., conferences or colloquia or field trips, involving undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty.

Additionally, students are encouraged to develop their own particular specialization in consultation with a faculty advisor. Working together, the student and faculty advisor would tailor a specialization from already established course offerings.

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