General Information for Instructors

Guidelines for Faculty Working with TAs

This document is intended to answer some of the most common course administration questions, and is provided to all instructors on the first day of class within the "First Day Pack." Please consult the links and resources below and contact the staff undergraduate advisor if you have any questions. 

Important Links (Updated for Fall 2018)

The English Department Crash Policy is linked on the English website's "Courses" page.

Class Lists and Add Codes can be printed off of E-Grades:

All online Wait Lists can be viewed by clicking “View Waitlist” next to the course title just after logging in to E-grades.

E-grade ?How To? Information can be found at these links:

Instructor Tips

Teaching Assistant Tips

To set up (or change) your Network ID, go to the UCSB Identity Manager website:

To send an E-mail to all registered students in your class:
Option A: Click on “Download Class List” when viewing the class list in E-Grades, then copy and paste the student addresses from the Excel file into your email client.
Option B: Get your course enabled for GauchoSpace (instructions at the end of this document), which has class-wide E-mail functions built-in.

Door Cards have been attached to your printed packet and are available at the Support Center front desk (SH 3431)

Fall 2018 English Department Calendar (holidays & deadlines)

Approved UCSB Academic Calendar 18-19

Classrooms, Keys, and Media Resources

Guide to Reporting Academic Misconduct / Academic Integrity Policy / Report Plagiarism

Reader Guidelines


Add/Drop Procedure

ADDING: Approval codes may be used by students to add classes until the ADD deadline for the quarter, Click here for deadlines.

Course approval codes can be accessed via E-Grades, by navigating to the “Class List” view and clicking “Add Codes”.

When distributing add codes, give each student one code which they will use to enroll through the GOLD system. Codes can be given in person or sent via E-mail. The GOLD system should instruct the student clearly through the entire process. Each code may be used only once by one student. If a class has sections, the TAs will get the approval codes since students must enroll for the class through the section they are attending. Add codes will allow students to override the following conditions: class closed, class full, major restrictions, or level limitations.

If you run out of approval codes, please contact the Staff Undergraduate Advisor.

DROPPING: Students may drop themselves from GOLD or be dropped by the department before the DROP deadline for the quarter, Click here for deadlines.

If you would like to drop students from your class who have missed two or more class meetings, please follow the instructions below:

Check the online class list at the E-Grades site to see whether they have dropped the class already.

If a student has not dropped your course by the second day of class, please E-mail the student name(s), Perm#, and course/section enrollment number (5-digit number attached to that course) to the Staff Undergraduate Advisor with a request that the student be dropped.

When the student drops or is dropped by the staff advisor, the spaces in your class will open up immediately.

After the drop deadline, neither the department nor instructor will be able to drop students from any class; instead, those students wishing to drop must petition with the College of Letters & Science.


Additional Information & Resources

Grades are submitted via E-Grades. Links are included above to refresh your memory regarding the steps needed to complete this task. The due-date for grades can be found in E-grades and on the Department calendar linked above.

Please see the Department note on Room keys and Media requests for information on technology support in your classroom. For special room reservations such as one-time film screenings or review sessions, please contact the staff at least 7 days in advance.

Instructors wishing to utilize UCSB’s GauchoSpace online course management service must first attend the required “Introduction to GauchoSpace” Training Workshop. Follow the link for more information. This service allows instructors to post class deadlines, materials, and other information online for students, and to easily send E-mails to the entire class.  (Note: TAs interested in learning how to use Gauchospace, in courses where the instructor has enabled it, can find workshop information here.)

We hope this page proves useful. Please contact the Staff Undergraduate Advisor if you have any questions or comments regarding the above information.