English 195I: Internship Credit

English 195I: Internship Credit

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This course provides qualified students the opportunity to earn unit credit for training in a real working situation.

Majors who have upper division standing and a GPA of 3.0 may apply for the internship credit course. The application requires a form available from the Department office, a written explanation of work to be performed, a faculty sponsor signature, a Company Supervisor signature and the Department chair signature.

Under supervision of English Department faculty, English majors may obtain credit for work with/without pay in publishing, editing, journalism, or other employment related to English literature. Before the beginning of the quarter, the student and supervising faculty member must submit a course description (form available from the Undergraduate Advisor) detailing the internship site and the kind of work expected there, the supplemental reading and writing for the course, and the contact hours with the supervisor. The Undergraduate Staff advisor will notify you after the Undergraduate Committee has reviewed and approved the application.

Credit for an Internship can range from 1 to 4 units. This course may be repeated for credit to a maximum of 8 units, but only 4 units may count for the major.

English 195I may be taken for a letter grade or pass/not pass, but may only qualify for elective credit with a letter grade.