• Course Number: ENGL 131HF
  • Prerequisites:

    Check on GOLD.

  • Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 131AA-ZZ
  • Quarter: Fall 2017

How can a Bob Marley song help make you a better literary critic?

What does listening to Bruce Springsteen teach you about race in Mark Twain?

What makes Tom Sawyer so un-American?

Why isn’t Adventures of Huckleberry Finn the book you thought it was?


We’re going to be asking these questions (and far more vexing ones) this fall as we take a deep dive into one of America’s most beloved – and most misunderstood – novels. To help us make sense of Mark Twain’s deceptively simple Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, we’ll be talking about gender as performance, blackface minstrelsy, and medieval chivalry. And that’s just the start. Come see what makes Huckleberry Finn a lot more than a freckle-faced kid in a straw hat facing a moral crisis.

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