• Course Number: ENGL 122CM
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  • Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 122AA-ZZ
  • Quarter: Fall 2020

This course is a practicum in climate media. Not only will we be studying media that attempts to make a difference in the climate crisis, students in the class will be generating media interventions of their own. There are two tracks to the course, as students have the following options for their final project: 1) generate a short-form (i.e. Youtube) video or 2) serve as segment producer for an audio podcast episode.

Here is how these two tracks will work:

  • Audio podcasts: After studying what makes an interesting and effective podcast episode, students taking this track will produce their own episode for the forthcoming Climate Crisis 101 audio podcast series. This will involve selecting a guest to interview (i.e. someone like Kip Andersen, who produced Cowspiracy), contacting that person and arranging for them to be interviewed by Professor Ken Hiltner, and then, after researching in detail their work, producing a script for the podcast episode. This will be the course project, taking the place of the traditional term paper. No experience with audio podcasts is necessary for this track.
  • YouTube video: Students taking this track will be producing their own YouTube video with the goal of making an intervention in the climate crisis. After considering a range of effective short-form videos, students will research a particular topic and then create a short video on it. This video will be the term project. While not necessary, experience creating videos would be helpful here. Successful videos will be added to the Climate Crisis 101 YouTube channel.

Students can only be admitted to the course by way of an admit code. If you are interested in the class, please send Professor Hiltner an email (hiltner@english.ucsb.edu) detailing why you would like to take the course.


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