• Course Number: ENGL 236
  • Prerequisites:

    Graduate standing.

  • Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 236
  • Quarter: Spring 2018

This course will consider the ongoing uncertainty in gender, sexuality and science studies over the uses and usefulness of the life sciences and contemporary mind/brain studies to their projects.  If we now see the mind/brain as embodied and extended through its co-creative activities with the environment, if we now see the human as animal, what are the implications for notions and practices of gender and sexuality?  Is biology still the “seduction” so many psychoanalysts, queer and intersectional theorists have thought it to be? Or do developments in non-linear biological theory offer genuinely new conceptions of material creativity that challenge the determinisms of sociobiology and evolutionary psychology?  Readings will include Myra Hird, Sex, Gender and Science; Elizabeth A. Wilson, Neural Geographies: Feminism and the Microstructure of Cognition; Gut Feminism; Bracha Ettinger, The Matrixial Borderspace.

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