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    James Joyce’s Ulysses is possibly the greatest novel ever written in English, and possibly in any language. It is also among the funniest, the most controversial, the wildest and the most strange. It was written by the Irish modernist writer James Joyce, and published in Paris 101 years ago this year by the American bookshop owner Sylvia Beach. Two Americans had already gone to trial for publishing part of it, and it was banned for years in the US and in Britain. It now tops almost every list of the most important novel sever written. In this seminar we will read it together over the course of the quarter. The book draws on everyone’s knowledge—of music, of languages, of Jewish and of Irish culture, of advertising, of
    walking, of cities, of modern marriage, of pubs, of modern media, of hotels, of friends and enemies, of working and sleeping, of passing the time—so it is a great book to read with
    friends. It describes the life of one person, Leopold Bloom, in one day, the 16th  of June 1904, and if you read it all, you will know this person (who never existed) better than you know anyone else in the world except yourself.

    Welcome to Ulysses!

  • Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 197
  • Quarter: Spring 2023

Content will vary with each instructor. Students will be asked to do a project that acquaints them with some of the resources of the library and results in their reading beyond the primary course materials. A full description for any given quarter will be available on the English Department’s website here once the instructor provides the course description.


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