• Course Number: ENGL 147SM
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  • Quarter: Spring 2023

The premise of this course is that in order to understand the logics and dynamics of the streaming era, we need look no further than the South Korean media industry, or creative ecosystem, as a paradigmatic case study. So in order to think through the particular features of our contemporary media environment—and to understand the new practices of production, circulation, and consumption—we will use “K-content” as both example and critical framework. Media history and theory topics will include platforms and streaming services; global media; media industries; audiences and fandom; piracy & IP; recommendation systems; transmedia storytelling; serial form; translation; and genre. Solo Leveling (webtoon), The Glory (streaming TV series), and Decision to Leave (film) are three representative texts. Knowledge of Squid Game will be presumed for our discussion of parodies, remix, reaction videos, games, and reality TV. Primary course content is in Korean, or some mixture of Korean and English, but no knowledge of the language is presumed; rather, global languages and new translation practices will be topics for discussion (and dubbed viewing will be strongly discouraged).

Seminar participants will need a Netflix subscription and reasonable access to a range of applications and platforms, all to be discussed in our first session. While we will view and discuss individual episodes and videos, this course will also require viewing of at least two full K-dramas so students should understand the expected time commitment in advance of enrolling. Assignments will include a recap exercise and group projects.

For add codes, please email the instructor with a note that you understand the course content and expectations.


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  • Day(s): wed
  • Time: 12:00 pm–2:50 pm
  • Location: SH 2635