• Course Number: ENGL 233
  • Prerequisites:

    Graduate Standing.

  • Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 233
  • Quarter: Winter 2021

Mary Shelley’s *Frankenstein* and the Gothic novel, Jane Austen’s *Emma* and the realist novel, Sir Walter Scott’s *Waverley* and the historical novel, Emily Brontë’s *Wuthering Heights* and the romantic novel, Charlotte Brontë’s *Jane Eyre* and the autobiographical novel, Charles Dickens’ *Bleak House* and the novel of detection, George Eliot’s *Middlemarch* and the novel of social realism, Thomas Hardy’s *Jude the Obscure* and the modern novel… The work of our seminar will be to study these remarkable novels for what makes each so particular, so defining of each novelist’s art, but, as well, so defining of the 19th-century English novel and, more generally, of the full flowering of the art of the novel. As we explore form, so too shall we study feeling, how the novel creates feeling, forms of feeling, formalizes feeling. More broadly, we’ll consider what the relation is between the embodied mind and the verbal arts.


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