• Course Number: ENGL 109
  • Prerequisites:

    Upper-division standing.

  • Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 109
  • Quarter: Winter 2021

Racial violence, economic inequality, fascist militancy, and environmental degradation permeate our lives and obscure our future. What can poems do at the end of the world, conceived not only as limit, terminus, or extinction but also as regeneration, purpose, and opening? In this workshop-based course, we will read as writers, focusing on the work of poets such as Natalie Diaz, Cathy Park Hong, Bhanu Kapil, Ed Roberson, Tracy K. Smith, and Camille Dungy who are grappling with the urgent social questions of our time. Through them, we will learn the craft of poetry and discover the focus, vision, and resources that it provides.


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