New Suite of 25-Student Seminar Courses for 2014-15

The English Department continually strives to find new ways of teaching and to improve the classroom experience for students. The latest development: a new suite of seminars capped at 25 students! Continuing the success of last year’s courses offered in this format, these smaller elective courses offer a more intimate classroom experience than the standard 38-student lectures.

See below for the full list for 2014-15 – and be sure to enroll when your pass time starts, as seats are sure to go quickly!


Aranye Fradenburg
English 152A
Canterbury Tales

Felice Blake
English 191
African American Fiction and Criticism 1920 to Present


Mark Maslan
English 132PR
Studies in American Writers: Philip Roth

Jeremy Douglass
English 149
Media and Information Culture: The Digital Humanities

Bill Warner
English 165FS
Topics in Literature: Free Speech and Censorship – from Milton and Locke to Justice Brandeis

Janis Caldwell
English 170LM
Studies in Literature and the Mind: Literature and Medicine


Swati Rana
English 122RE
Cultural Representations: Reading the “End” of Race

Elizabeth Cook
English 169
Restoration and 18th Century Drama: Restoration Comedy

Stephanie Batiste
English 176PL / Black Studies 147PL
Performance of Literature

Instructor TBD
English 192
Science Fiction