What can you do with an English major?

If you are in English major, chances are you’ve either asked or been asked this question: “What can you do with an English major”?

The English Department has done its best to provide ideas for how to answer this important and yet incredibly broad question.  On the website you’ll find links to career ideas and alumni stories that catalog how some of our former English majors have used the skills they developed in the program to succeed in their careers post-graduation.

What about other campuses?  If you’re curious what English majors from other schools have been doing with their major, take a look at Dear English Majors, a blog featuring stories from English graduates from across the country: http://www.dearenglishmajor.com/

Remember to also check out Career Services for leads on internships and tips for ‘marketing’ your skills as an English major — skills such as analysis, critical thinking, communication, and persuasion.

Lastly, don’t forget to ensure you are on the English major listserv to get the latest announcements on job opportunities, conferences, internships, and other great resources!