Cook, Jamiee


M.A., CSU Stanislaus, English
B.A., CSU Stanislaus, English & Gender Studies

Jamiee is interested in queer and feminist political activism and its appearance in 20th century literature, particularly literature by or about those who reside at the intersections of identity – queer women, women of color, and trans* writers and characters, among others. Focusing on American and Anglophone literature of the 20th century, she is interested in tracing the emergence of modern queer identities, considering the merits and drawbacks of political coalitionism, and thinking through the exclusionary politics that plagued the LGBTQ and Feminist activism of the 20th century. She is also invested in materialist and Marxist approaches to queer writing and theory, particularly how capitalist consumer culture commodifies sexuality and identity in a way that produces further class stratification. 



South Hall 2432-G

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Spring 2020 - Please email for appointment.


(805) 893-4622


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English Department
UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9580


Center for Modernism, Materialism, and Aesthetics
Hemispheric South/s
Theories of Gender and Sexualities
Twentieth Century Anglophone Literature
American Race and Ethnic Studies

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