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Clint Terrell's research looks at the etymology and genealogy of the convict in local and global imaginaries. More specifically, he looks at convicts as a distinct national demographic with their own colonial history, vernacular knowledge, cultural aesthetics, and literary genre. The convict category was realized with the materialization of convict colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries and the racialized status of convicts as carceral subjects in our contemporary moment of the U.S. prison regime is its living legacy. Clint is also interested in critical theory, Marxism, decolonial studies, prison autobiography and memoir, Native American literature, African American literature, and transnational literature of the Americas.

Research Areas

  • c. 1800-1945
  • c. 1945-present
  • African American and/or African Diasporic Literatures
  • American Literature
  • American Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Creative Writing and/or Performance
  • Latinx and/or Chicanx Studies
  • Marxism, Critical Theory, and/or Historical Materialism
  • Office:
    SH 2432L
  • Office Hours:
    Spring: W 12PM-2PM
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    English Department UC Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3170
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  • Terrell, Clint J. “Baca, Jimmy Santiago.” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature. Oxford
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