Film Criticism in the Politically Personal Voice
A workshop led by filmmaker Jess X. Snow and film & cultural critic a.e. hunt



South Hall 2635

Workshop Flyer

This workshop encourages scholars to harness their collective and individual political visions in their cultural criticism to imagine better futures and possibilities. It will provide an overview of what resources and publications exist to support aspiring Black and Brown and queer critics. We  will review some of the pitching process and etiquette expected by publications, which many of them obscure/gatekeep, and reemphasize the importance of one’s own critical subjectivity—imagined and overwrought objectivities—by remembering the lessons of 60s-70s revolutionary “Third cinema in the Third World” and UCLA’s L.A. Rebellion.

The workshop will also touch on how to read aesthetics in relation to the modes of production that bore them—as those modes undergo frequent, significant, and unpredictable change—and offer insight into the process of interviewing filmmakers and artists. The workshop is geared toward empowering the next generation of film and culture critics to rigorously harness their subjective voice, which AI and western “objective” art criticism can never replace.

Attendance to this workshop will be capped at 25 participants

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