• Course Number: ENGL 184
  • Prerequisites:

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  • Catalog Course Entry: 184
  • Quarter: Summer A 2021

This course is an introduction to modern European literature and culture through some of its most relevant texts. We will start with two novels concerned with early commodity culture, changing gender roles, boredom, and consumption (Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary and Emile Zola’s Ladies’ Paradise); then we will discuss memory in the amnesiac culture of the early 20th century, and the question of time in the technologically accelerated reality of modernity (Marcel Proust’s Introduction to Remembrance of Things Past and Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse). Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, and Kafka’ The Metamorphosis will show, in very different contexts, the importance of the work ethic for the modern subject. With Italo Calvino we will focus on postmodernism and the experimental novel, with Antonio Tabucchi on political commitment. We will conclude with Amara Lakhous’s detective novel about migration and multicultural Europe.


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