• Course Number: ENGL 106CW
  • Prerequisites:

    Upper-division standing.

  • Catalog Course Entry: ENGL 106CW
  • Quarter: Winter 2022

This class introduces students to techniques of creative writing, editing, design, presentation, and production, culminating in the quarterly publication of the English Department Literary and Arts magazine, The Catalyst. This class is a collaborative faculty-student seminar group featuring creative writing and design workshops, and facilitating the production of a dossier of creative work in both the literary and visual arts. Our classes follow a model of instruction – practice – reflection. Additionally, students will develop skills in editing, writing, creating, and designing at the level required for being featured in the magazine. Additionally, students who have taken the class at least once may apply during spring quarter to be part of the editorial team for the following academic year. Contact the professor on the website at https://catalyst.english.ucsb.edu/


  • Schedule & Location
  • Day(s): tue thu
  • Time: 5:00 pm–6:15 pm
  • Location: SH 2635