The English Department encourages its students to consider completing some portion of their undergraduate study through the University of California’s Education Abroad Program.

Why Study Abroad?

  1. Students can deepen their understanding of British, American, and post-colonial English literature by study in a foreign university and at the same time add an international dimension to their undergraduate education.
  2. Because all courses taken through EAP are accepted as UC courses, with careful planning students may spend as much as a year of study in a foreign university with no loss of time in completing their degrees.
  3. There are several ways in which to incorporate study abroad into the English curriculum:
    • Students may choose to complete a significant portion of their studies in the major at an English-speaking university in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Barbados, or South Africa. Most courses in the English departments in these countries are accepted for elective credit in the major or minor, and in many cases required courses may be completed as well. Students taking this option typically study abroad in their junior or senior year.
    • Students who have completed their lower-division language studies may expand their knowledge of that language through literature classes in a foreign university through EAP. Up to eight units of European literature outside of English may be counted toward the English major. In addition, students may take approved English literature classes at these universities.
    • English majors and minors may also begin the study of a foreign language through the short-term language and culture programs offered by EAP in such countries as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Chile.

Students interested in completing a part of their major abroad can navigate to the courses that may be counted for upper-division credit for the English major or minor through the Education Abroad Program. Continue scrolling to learn how to petition EAP courses to count towards the major.

Information from the Fall 2020 study abroad meeting.

Pre-Approving Courses Before Going Abroad

How to receive pre-approval for your EAP courses:

  1. Set an appointment with Professor Maurizia Boscagli. Her e-mail is:
  2. When you go to your appointment, bring the course descriptions with you (printed or on your laptop).
  3. Have Prof. Boscagli initial the courses she pre-approved for the EAP, Academic Planning Form.
  4. Set an appointment with English Undergrad Advisor so that your major/minor progress can be reviewed and so that the advisor can ensure that your courses have already been signed off.
  5. Undergrad Advisor will sign the APF form and you will then submit it to the EAP Office.

Note: Make sure to keep each syllabus for courses completed from study abroad institution.

Petitioning Courses For Approval After Returning

How to petition EAP courses to count towards your major requirements:

  1. Complete the Petition for Major Substitution Form with the list of courses you took abroad. Please indicate which area of your major you would like to petition your EAP course towards.
  2. Have syllabi ready for the courses you are wanting to petition.
  3. Set another appointment with Professor Maurizia Boscagli. Her e-mail is:
  4. When you go to your appointment, bring your petitions and syllabi to her.
  5. Important: Have Prof Boscagli sign off or email you her approval of the courses you took abroad. This is the proof needed so that the Undergrad Advisor can enter in the final petition.
  6. Upon receiving approval for course substitutions, please make an appointment with the Undergraduate Advisor. Bring your approved form with you.

Still have questions?

For questions regarding the Education Abroad Program for English majors, please contact the English Department’s Undergraduate Advisor or the Education Abroad Program.