Mapping Multiculturalism

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Avery F. Gordon


What is multiculturalism? The word is used everywhere, often without being clearly defined. The first collection of this scope, Mapping Multiculturalism offers cogent critiques of the term and its uses by leading scholars in sociology, history, literary criticism, popular culture studies, ethnic studies, and critical legal studies. The contributors look at current uses of the rubric “multicultural” and offer groundbreaking analyses of complex relationships between popular culture, political events, and intellectual trends. Featuring essays by authors, activists, artists, and theoreticians, Mapping Multiculturalism represents the entire range of multicultural studies today through essays that demarcate the cutting edge of contemporary cultural politics.
Contributors: Norma Alarcón, U of California, Berkeley; Richard P. Appelbaum, U of California, Santa Barbara; Edna Bonacich, U of California, Riverside; Wendy Brown, U of California, Santa Cruz; Darryl B. Dickson-Carr, Florida State U; Antonia I. Castañeda, U of Texas, Austin; Angie Chabram-Dernersesian, U of California, Davis; Jon Cruz, U of California, Santa Barbara; Angela Y. Davis, U of California, Santa Cruz; Steve Fagin, U of California, San Diego; Rosa Linda Fregoso, U of California, Davis; Neil Gotanda, Western State U; M. Annette Jaimes Guerrero, San Francisco State U; Ramón Gutiérrez, U of California, San Diego; Cynthia Hamilton, U of Rhode Island; George Lipsitz, University of California, San Diego; Lisa Lowe, U of California, San Diego; Wahneema Lubiano, Princeton U; Michael Omi, U of California, Berkeley; Lourdes Portillo; Cedric Jo Robinson, U of California, Santa Barbara; Tricia Rose, New York U; Gregg Scott; Paul Smith, George Mason U; Renee Tajima; Patricia Zavella, U of California, Santa Cruz.

Avery F. Gordon teaches sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Christopher Newfield teaches English, also at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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Theory and the History of Literature

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