Shared Calendar for English Department Events

This page contains instructions for English Department staff, faculty, and research center/initiative representatives who wish to have direct editing permissions on the shared English Department online calendar.

The current calendar is a Google calendar that is viewable to the public. Anyone can view it and it is embedded in the Department website.  To edit this calendar, you need to have a Google or Gmail account and have editing permissions assigned to you by a calendar manager. Google accounts can be created here.

Events posted to the calendar will not automatically have a corresponding news/event item posted to the English Department website.  Please contact Meg Wilson about any news items or events you'd like to have announced on the Department website.

Steps for Accessing the Shared Department Events Calendar

1. Send your Google account name ( to Meg Wilson or Brian Ernst.  

2. Once the account has been granted access, access the calendar directly here (you will be prompted to login with your Google account).

3. Make sure that the UCSB English Department calendar is displayed by checking it on the left side of the screen. 

4. To create an event, click "Create" in the upper left area of the page.  Enter the event details.  Be sure to:

  • Prefix your event title with an identifier for the related center or research initiative (ACGC, EMC, Transcriptions, Lit. & Mind, etc.).
  • List the event day and time.
  • Make sure that the “UCSB English Department Center Events” calendar is selected from the Calendar drop-down. If it is not selected, no one else will be able to see the event.

5. Click "Save" to save your event.

Once the event is created, anyone who views the shared calendar will be able to see the details of the event and plan accordingly.