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An obituary for  Professor Emeritus Patrick J. McCarthy  
March 9, 2020 Dear Members of Our Campus Community, With a heavy heart I am writing to share the...

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Faculty Bookshelf

What the Fortune Teller Didn't Say
Lim, Shirley Geok-Lin

Written over the last decade, these poems include memories of the authors early childhood...

A Forward Glance: New Essays on Edith Wharton
Waid, Candace

This collection focuses on questions of biography, autobiography and aesthetics in...

Red Leather Gloves
Olguín, Ben

2015 National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies Tejas Foco Award for Poetry
IBPA 2015 Benjamin Franklin Poetry Award...

Milton and Ecology
Hiltner, Ken

In Milton and Ecology, Ken Hiltner engages with literary, theoretical, and historic approaches to explore the ideological...

The Laws of Cool: Knowledge Work and the Culture of Information
Liu, Alan

“Knowledge work” is now the reigning business paradigm and affects even...

Cannibalism in High Medieval English Literature
Cannibalism in High Medieval English Literature
Blurton, Heather

From Beowulf through the literature of the crusades...

Women's Suffrage Literature vol 1-6
Park, Sowon S

Few historical milestones paint a clearer picture of progress than women’s winning of the vote. Yet...

Forgetting Fathers
Marshall, David

In Forgetting Fathers, David Marshall weaves together the stories of his grandfather and great-grandfather with his...

Beckett Writing Beckett: The Author in the Autograph
Abbott, H. Porter

Suppose that, before he is writing fiction, before he is writing drama,...